Asbestos Abatement


 Asbestos is made up of microscopic bundles of fibers that may become airborne when asbestos-containing materials are damaged or disturbed. When these fibers get into the air they may be inhaled into the lungs, where they can cause significant health problems. Asbestos fibers cannot be seen by the naked eye and have no smell or taste. Thus, exposure to asbestos may be unnoticed. what is asbestos asbestos abatement


Asbestos Abatement is the proper handling of the removal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) from your property in a controlled manner to prevent exposure to asbestos fiber. Removal must be done in compliance with applicable governmental and environmental regulations. It is the law that only licensed asbestos contractors using trained and certified asbestos workers can remove asbestos containing materials. EnviroLogical engineering Inc. is certified through the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) as an Asbestos Removal Contractor. Additionally, we are licensed in SC, NC, TN, AL and FL. We have over twenty five years of experience in asbestos abatement. 


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